Movie Effect II

movie effect

With this effect I had a lot of trouble coming up with a concept. I started multiple ones but was never happy with either how they looked or they didn’t make sense. The only thing that was constant through all the movie effects that I started was that I had this mountain in the background. I really like this image and I wanted to use it somehow, I just did not know how. Finally I decided that I would have a road leading to the mountains. Then I added a car, and thought that this was finally going in the direction I wanted it to. I added more layers, copied the mountains, and erased parts of some images. I did not want any person to be in the picture, because I thought that it would take away from the overall feeling and mood that I was trying to create. Unlike my other movie effect I wanted this to be more real, and not fantasy.


Movie Effect

movie effect

I decided that I would create a picture using different images of skylines and add an element of adventure and fantasy. First I found two pictures of city skylines. Then I found a picture of balloons and that’s when I came up with the idea of having a hot air balloon as the main focus in the picture. Finally, I inserted the person into the hot air balloon. I wanted it to capture happiness, fantasy, and adventure. However I did not want it to look like a cartoon, instead I wanted it to look like a dream. I ended up playing with effects and changing opacity levels till I was happy with the look of the picture. I loved how the end result came out and I think it captures the mood I was going for.