Wet Media

Progress Photos:

Final Photo


I used three medias for this piece India ink, acrylic, and watercolor. For this piece I took inspiration from a photograph that I had taken last year. I have always been drawn to black and white images; if you look at my photography as well as my sculptures you can see this. I knew from photography how a black and white image should look. I understood the concept of shading and light in these types of images. Another concept I knew from past experience was how to use India ink. One new concept that I learned was how to use salt and watercolor together in order to create a texture, you can see my use of this technique in the background. A piece of learning that I will take forward is drawing images in a 2D form. Specifically making the image seem that they are in 3D and in the correct perspective. I believe that knowing this and understanding how to do it myself will improve my sculptures. This is because I can now take more time to understand the form/object I am creating on a 2D surface and then start creating it in a 3D form.


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